In todays environment, Healthcare delivery is continually challenged by frequent changes in laws, regulations and reimbursement mechanisms. Having the ability to integrate and analyze clinical and financial data across all aspects of healtchare has become key to deliver utmost care and desired operational performance.

  • Maintaining efficiency without hindering quality of care
  • Understanding the quality of care at provider and patient level is crucial
  • Analyzing the factors to maximize benefits of patient outcomes
  • Evaluating vital strategic insights through the interconnection of EHR data with financial and operational data
  • Assessing the components of each payment to prevent surprises


Integrating and analyzing data to enable aircraft operators and manufacturers to enable optimal performance

The aviation industry is a sector involving high cost and security concerns. Analytics presents huge potential, ranging from understanding customer interests, crucial factors such as weather forecast and all aspects of complete passenger safety. A lot of logistics complexity also lies straight from building an aircraft to safe take–off and landing.

  • Leveraging analytics to predict and diagnose equipment or system failure
  • Assessing the elements needed to enhance customer satisfaction Proactively and cost-effectively manage maintenance to improve aircraft reliability and enhance safety
  • Evaluating vehicle health and improving vehicle fleet maintenance decisions Enables airlines to have an understanding of the factors required for success

Oil & Gas

Delivering actionable analytics increasing production, optimizing operations and maximizing value gained

The recent price trend in Oil & Gas industry has put a lot of stress on all facets of exploration & production. Today the industry is being challenged to continually find innovative means for being effective and efficient in operations. A holistic and integrated view of assets and operational performance is must to optimize resource allocation, minimize downtime, operational costs and increase production.

  • Track operational downtime to see the impact on revenue
  • Predictive analytics enables organizations to embed intelligence and insight
  • Have an integrated view of exploration and production management, facilitating an insight into performance and drilling efficiency
  • Seismic analysis attributes to optimize your production and field development strategies.

Digital ECommerce

The online marketing space is rapidly evolving as new technologies, services, and marketing tactics gain popularity and become the new standard. Online store owners are one of the many different segments affected by these constant evolutions. In order to survive and thrive, they need to be able to make better decisions faster. This is where big data and analytics comes into play.

  • Through the use of analytics, we guide you through the vast data and narrow it down to the required strategies needed for success
  • Understanding the factors, such as geographic areas to holidays, that affect sales is pertinent
  • Analytics can aid in decisions, as you can gain understanding into how marketing is progressing
  • Analyzing streamline marketing processes can give you an input into how you can utilize it for your own benefit.